Features and specs
Registration types: Full, Client, Small, Motel
Language versions: Croatian, English
Supported various PBX and key systems.




Operating system: Windows 95, Windows NT.
Database format: Paradox, up to two billion records per table.
Database engine: BDE 3.5
Traffic data Auto Backup/Transfer.
Traffic data Import/Export.
Report groups: Details, Bills, Summaries, Totals, Graphs.
Report output: Printer, Screen (Print Preview), Fax, File.
Analyzes against current and exported/archived traffic data.
Query tool, extremly powerfull yet easy-to-use, is general tool for traffic data
  • maintaining (import/export, delete, auto backup/transfer)
  • and analyzing/reporting.
Phone book, Lookups, Online Help, and much, much more.
TelPro 2.0, KVID d.o.o., All rights reserved.
Paradox Runtime 7, Copyright 1996 Borland International, All rights reserved.
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