TelPro 2.0
What is TelProTM?

TelPro is an application which tracks and analyses phone traffic over electronic switching. A typical user is a company owner, business manager, supervisor. With it's powerful analysis tools, TelPro provides a number of reports related to phone usage characteristics like:

- the pattern of telephone usage;
- phone calls cost control; and
- the efficiency of telephone usage.

If you have questions like:

- How much time did you (your group, etc.) spend on phone?
- What phone calls did you (your group, etc.) made in the last period (per project, total, etc.)?
- Do you have to acquire a new switchbox because the old one is often overloaded?
- Can phone expenses be minimised?

then TelPro is the right choice for you. And answers are just few mouse clicks away.

We have to emphasise that TelPro is developed with the most advanced technology PARADOX 7.0 for Windows 95 and Windows NT. TelPro runing is user friendly and easy even for users without any prior experience with computer usage.

TelPro 2.0, KVID d.o.o., All rights reserved.
Paradox Runtime 7, Copyright 1996 Borland International, All rights reserved.
Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.

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